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What we do is simple: our digital marketing agency connects your business with your best customers around the world.

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We Create Awesome Brands, Website Designs and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a digital marketing agency that understands your diverse set of customers and can accelerate your business to new heights? We’re your agency.

Why Choose Us?

We want you as our client to be the authority on relevant topics that affect your industry, your product segment, your consumer or your customer. Delivering well researched and well articulated answers to some of the most relevant or pertinent questions on the minds of your audiences is what we can help you do. We will help you write features on key topics and issues, we will help you source speaker opportunities that enhance your corporate and brand visibility and image, and we will organize media briefings. Our ultimate objective when we stay on top of news and trends is to identify opportunities that make your business stand out and gain valuable exposure. Read more

We’ll publish and promote your content across various channels and use owned and earned media to get coverage and attention from the people who matter most. Reputation management and image building is a continuous process, and we partner with you for the long haul.

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3 Times winner | 2012 2013 2016


Dyrect Digital Nigeria Limited is a web development company registered in Nigeria.

We are the finest Web design company in Nigeria, nationally and internationally acclaimed recipient of the Nigerian Technology Awards in Lagos, Nigeria. Dyrect digital was established by a team of professionals who are developers, programmers and software managers in 2017.

The organization from inception has been driven by a group of IT experts and has developed and managed hundreds of web projects to her credits.

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founder Dyrect digital solutions

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We Create Awesome Brands, Website Designs and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a digital marketing agency that understands your diverse set of customers and can accelerate your business to new heights? We’re your agency.

What we offer :

Why we are different.

If you want a website or mobile app that seems outdated from the start, look elsewhere. If you want your website to provide a premium user experience, contact us!

Our Web hosting service are both reliable and affordable with 88.9% uptime with additional security.

Our support staffs are available by email, phone and live chat to meet your sales and after sales question.

We offer SEO services, if search engine cannot find your website easily, your potential clients will not either.

Our Services

Website Design

These days, anyone can build a website. And that’s the problem-
Read more

Your website should provide a seamless user experience—a truly beneficial journey into the heart of your brand. Dyrect digital solutions designs and builds premium, world-class websites for premium, world-class businesses, organisations, and SMEs that operate in the African market. We deliver more than great web design and basic functionality. Our websites are well-built, typo- and error-free, and are targeted, tested, and optimised to the specific psychographics of your target market. We begin by comprehensively researching your company’s customer value and unique selling propositions, analysing your market and competition, and strategising on the path to success. And we make sure you can be found by your most responsive customers—all of our websites are built with the most current SEO practices.


Understanding and controlling the ways in which today’s major search engines rank websites is a major discipline. Read More

SEO, or ‘search engine optimisation’, involves using free methods to get your website to rank highly in search engine results—this is called ‘organic traffic’. The best way to do this is to make your page as ‘Google-friendly’ as possible so that your customers can find you. Keywords and phrases help make your pages as Google-friendly and discoverable as possible. In other words, the more relevant and useful your site is for users, the higher it ranks in search results. But it’s not as easy at it sounds: the algorithms that govern website rankings are complex. To complicate matters further, SEO is more effective when paired with PPC. You need a solid digital marketing strategy with SEO and PPC for a website that’s structured, well-written, keyworded, and continually optimised in a way that search engines find attractive.

Email Marketing & CRM

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing activity of sending emails to prospects and customers.Read more

Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans. We design and deliver high-performing email campaigns, that connect you with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. Cleverly written emails attract attention in busy inboxes and ensure that you stay out of the trash folder and become an email that actually gets read. Well written emails, when marketed in the right way to the right audience, means you can sell products, share news about your business or tell a story that engages and builds affinity between your audience and your brand.

Social Media

In today’s cluttered digital marketing landscape, businesses need a solid social media strategy to cut through the din. Read more

Time and time again, we’ve seen companies assign social media management to staffers as a collateral duty: ‘Just post some things on Facebook and Instagram’, they seem to say. ‘That’s all there is to it’. Pardon our bluntness, but this is a mistake. Businesses today need a social media strategy and social media advertising management that targets the right platforms for the right customers. It needs to say the right things, with the right content, at the right time, with the right frequency and audience targeting to gain the participation and investment of your target market.

Branding & Creative Design

Many businesses and organisations have a good idea of what ‘branding’ is: Logos. Ad design. Typeface. Taglines. Read more

It’s true that all these creative elements contribute to a brand. But it’s not ‘your brand’. Your brand is the way your customers (and potential customers) feel and think about your business. The right brand should speak to your potential customers. It tells the story of your business and personifies a company’s voice and vision. An effective brand must be iron-tight, without different logos, colours, creative designs, and messages used in different places at the same time.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing consultants specialise in working with brands to create remarkable content Read more

and digital assets that get target audiences talking about these brands. Content marketing is not selling, it is purposefully engaging with your potential audience to attract customers, raise brand awareness and influence behaviour. Today, content is generated at such a huge scale that even great assets can get lost in the noise on the web. That’s why your content needs to be unique, attractive and have true purpose. Content marketing is the backbone of our engagement, SEO and link-building strategies as it plays an important role in search engine scoring, attracting links, buzz and social sharing. A well planned content strategy can have multiple benefits from brand awareness and positioning, to SEO, Social Media engagement and ROI.